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However to catch the small taxi boat for the scheduled departure time, I had to run the gauntlet of the larger boats that were insistent on me being their next customer instead. All explanations that I did not want to visit six islands, sunbath and swim or enjoy a tasty BBQ on-board fell on deaf ears. When the boat lads saw that their normal sale tactics were not working, they resorted to some weird and wonderful tales that if it had been my first time in Turkey, I might have believed.

According to the ticket seller called Volkan, the taxi boat to Butterfly Valley had sunk two days before. Once the ticket seller called Mustafa started talking, I just nodded in politeness but was really glad when out of the corner of my eye, I saw the taxi boat finally come sailing in.

I hurriedly clambered upon the taxi boat and we set off to Butterfly Valley. Running the gauntlet of the ticket sellers and getting wet while climbing on the taxi boat was completely worth it as we sailed past large mountains that eventually led way to the beautiful canyon that is home to many species of butterflies. My first destination within Butterfly Valley was a waterfall however I had to turn back when the climb after meters proved to be more than difficult for a novice like me.

Instead I headed back to the beach area for some well-deserved refreshments. Restaurant facilities at Butterfly Valley are basic but this is what the canyon is all about. The emphasis is not on pandering to your every whim so you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Think of the lost hippie generation when you visit the restaurant which is self-service and also insists that you clear your own table by taking your dishes to the designated washing up point.

Accommodation is basic, in fact it is a wooden hut and washing facilities are shared bathrooms further down the track into the canyon. Trekkers and hikers will have a field day in the canyon while photographers better free up memory space on their cameras. Swimmers and snorkelers will have a great time in the crystal blue waters or you can just chill out and sunbath on the beach. Night time is saved for BBQs and bonfire parties on the beach.

You can visit on one of the numerous boat trips that leave from Olu Deniz however your time will be limited. The best way is by using the official Butterfly Valley boat taxi which leaves from Olu Deniz at Cost is for 15tl for a return ticket.

BBC - Travel - An untouched paradise in Turkey’s Butterfly Valley

Note : Ignore anything told to you by ticket sellers as they are just trying to get you on their boats and will say anything to achieve it. It would be normal to assume that as more and more people visit, the canyon will be ruined by greedy tourism chiefs and hotel owners. However if things continue like they are doing, this destination will never fall fowl of the mass tourism mistakes so often seen in other parts of Turkey.

Locals and volunteers are actively working to ensure the valley is protected from overuse and misuse. When is the time to see the actual Butterflies please? Seeing the butterflies there would be complete the journey for me since i may not have a chance to go there again. I went the last year to Butterfly Valley, but I arr?

Welcome to Butterfly Valley & Faralya

It was so tired but I could do it!!! Using the same ticket?? Butterfly season changes depending on who you talk to. I have received many different answers but most seem to generate around Spring time. I visited in October and did not see any. The tourist season runs from May to October and the price I paid to walk the valley was 5 lira, although it is a sure possibility that it has gone up now.

Unfortunately I cannot find any dates here so cannot tell how recent the info is, whether to expect higher prices, etc. What is the Butterfly season? What is the tourist season? And is there a price to explore the valley to find butterflies to photograph? If you are hesitant about whether the four year old will like it. Book a hotel in Olu Deniz for one night. Then in the morning, go down to the beach, catch the water taxi, and then come back in the afternoon.

That way you can test whether he will like it. Would love to visit Turkey one day soon and must look into exactly where Butterfly Valley is located. Thanks for the great story and photos! Just the South-east is off bounds at the moment, but Turkey is a very big county. Skimming across the ocean is the greatest, especially at night. I have a lot of Korean friends who want to travel to Turkey, but I always tell them they need to wait a little while as its dangerous at the moment.

I guess I was misinformed after reading a few posts on your blog! It was when i first discovered the Butterfly Valley, and revisited it 5 times in the following ten years. It is a very special place i feel spiritually connected to. My thanks go to Hasan Deniz B.

To see the BV once again and to find it as it ever was is one of my greatest hopes … Thank you too Natalie for your nice work here!

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I went to Butterfly Valley in the early s. We stayed in a tent on the beach. The food was amazing and the rock bar cut into the rock face was so fun. We played backgammon all the time and read. There was a website a few years ago but nobody seem to be updating and checking it. When I was there, one of the local blokes in the restaurant said accommodation was booked as and when people arrived. There are some huts at the back of the beach and if all those were being used, people just slept on the beach he said.

From what I can make out though, it is popular for a daytime excursion but not overnight, so you should not have any problems booking. If you want to be extra sure, book into a cheap hotel in Olu Deniz and then just nip over on the water taxi to check.

Butterfly Valley Day Cruise

Is it something we need to prebook or is it ok to show up and there will be a cabin available for us? Your help is most appreciated. Oh wow, thats sounds truly magical. Hi Melissa, it was about a 15 minute ride. The trip is very scenic so I really enjoyed it. The weather was nice as well so it was smooth all the way. Hi Natalie, how long does the boatride take from Oludeniz beach to Butterfly Valley?

Kelebekler Vadisi İniş Yolu (Tamamı) 2015 / Butterfly Valley Downhill Road (Full) 2015

That sounds wonderful Pete — I too would like to return one day and spend the night in one of the shacks. It is an amazing place. Hi Natalie, your information has been a great help. We are interested in doing volunteer work at butterfly valley. Do you have any advice in what is the best way to go about it? Do we need to apply, if so any ideas on whom I may contact? People have said to me that the waterfall is not that spectacular EM so I like to think we did not miss out on much.

My partner and I went to butterfly valley three years ago and it was stunning….. Wow that is some years ago Richard. Glad to learn that over those years, they have not given in to mass tourism. Wow, I stayed here in for a few days and the photos and description make it look virtually identical to when I went.

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Its wonderful to see its still pretty much the same place after all these years. Hi Marco, I recommend you look into Faralya. I have never stayed there but reports I have heard are good and it seems to be non tourist. Read Less. Walk Turkey's Lycian Way, widely regarded as one of the world's great trails.

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