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Clifford's sports day Clifford goes to school with Emily Elizabeth to participate in the outdoor sports day activities. Clifford's spring clean-up It's time for Clifford to help with the spring cleaning. Clifford's Thanksgiving visit A big red dog starts out early Thanksgiving morning to spend the day with his mother, little suspecting the difficulties he will have in reaching her.

Clifford's trick Clifford learns a new trick. Clifford's valentines Clifford, the big red dog, makes a snowy valentine for his friends. Clifford, I love you Clifford is crying, kissing and, naughtily, running off with a shoemaker's giant display shoe. But, Emily Elizabeth always loves her big red dog. Clifford, we love you When Clifford, the big red dog, is feeling sad, Emily Elizabeth and her friends do everything they can think of to cheer him up.

Clifford: cookie crazy Clifford goes crazy over cookies. Clifford: the small red puppy How Emily Elizabeth met Clifford, the big, red dog. Clifford: where is the big red doggie Clifford jumping the wall, fetching the ball and romping with his best friend, Emily Elizabeth. Clive eats alligators When it comes to playing, eating, shopping, dressing and even going to bed, Clive, Tessa, Frank, Rosie and the rest of the kids all have their favourite way of doing things.

Cloud, The One little girl never draws anything and never smiles, she seems to have a little black cloud above her. One classmate decides she is going to try and help her smile, draw together and make a friend or two. Cloudland Albert is high in the mountains when he falls over a cliff.

Just in time, Albert is saved by the Cloud Children who, with some magic words, make him light and airy. Albert has a wonderful time until something reminds him of his own little bed. Clover's big ideas Being the smallest in the paddock isn't easy. Clover is always being teased.

When three naughty lambs go too far, Clover and her big ideas step in. Discover how Clover shows being little makes her more determined and clever than they could ever imagine. Clown Clown is one of several toys tossed out with the rubbish.

Clifford (horse)

He dusts himself off and gets on with life. The story of clown is told wordlessly in true mime tradition. Clumsy crab Nipper, the crab, hates his clumsy claws until he uses them to rescue his friend from being tangled in seaweed. Cock-a-doodle-doo, farmyard hullabaloo Charming farmyard animals introduce themselves in simple, flowing verse.

Meet the loyal and loved sheepdog, the powerful bull, the gossipy geese and the nocturnal fox. Cockerel, the mouse and the little red hen, The A retelling of the much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap. Cocky, the crow and the hawk, The A Dreaming narrative belonging to Matingali Napanangka Mudgedell, in which all the birds were brightly coloured. The birds lived together and shared their food. But, one day, the cocky and the crow argued and everything changed. Nicholls, Christine ed. Cocoon Dawn and her best friends have a plan!

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They are going to eat as many leaves as they can, weave cocoons and turn into moths so they can fly. Easy peasy, right?

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But what happens when days go by and Dawn still doesn't have her wings? What if she doesn't grow them at all? Will Dawn ever get to chase the lights with her friends? Collecting sunshine Mabel and Robert love to collect things on their walks, leaves and stones and seeds and berries. But when they are caught in the rain and can't take their collection home they have an even better idea.

Colossal creatures Who is the biggest creature of them all? Lift the flaps to find out. The simple rhyming text contrasts the ancient dinosaurs with the animals, people and buildings of today. Colour for curlews Who could resist a little dab of colour here and there? Two curious curlews discover a stash of paints and brushes. An adorable case of Australian birds introduce readers to the joy of colours and colour mixing. Colour me We are all different, but together we colour our world amazing!

Colouroos When three different mobs of kangaroos come to the waterhole, they aren't sure what to make of each other. But they soon discover that they're more alike than they thought. Colours lift the flap Lift-the-flap and reveal brightly coloured photographs of familiar objects. Colours of Australia Celebrate the beauty of our natural environment.

Each line speaks a different voice, each image stirs a different mood, and all combine to evoke the miracle of colour that surrounds us. Columbia sneezes Columbia absolutely loves where he lives but he just can't stop sneezing. A solution is provided when he meets a stranger in the desert. A rhyming picture book with a humorous plot and rhythmical text made for reading out loud, complemented by humorous illustrations.

Come away from the water, Shirley While Shirley's parents sit on the beach with their knitting and newspapers, Shirley embarks on a fantasy adventure. Come count with me Little chicky can count to five, but now it's time for Nana to try. Come down, cat The day is ending, night is falling and Nicholas's cat won't come down from the roof.

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High on the roof, she licks her paws while Nicholas worries about her being all alone, especially during the night. But, his cat doesn't want to come down, at least, not yet.

Come on, Daisy Daisy is more interested in exploring the exciting things around her than listening to Mother Duck. But, when she comes to some dark and scary waters, she is very happy to have her mum near. Commotion in the ocean The sequel to the best-selling 'Rumble in the Jungle' is a delightful new collection of poems about creatures who live in and around the ocean.

Complete guide to a dog's best friend, The This is a story for dog lovers and those who have ever wondered what their dog is really thinking. Conga dance Join the line, the conga line. One by one, Australian animals and birds join the conga line, dancing together until they fall in a tangle at the end. Cooking with grandma Anya loves visiting Grandma and Grandpa. They like to cook together and then go on adventures around the house. Copy cat Cat is small and Dog is big. Whatever Dog does, Cat does too.

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Dog gets really fed up with Cat copying everything she does. But one day, when Cat can't be found, Dog discovers she doesn't have anyone to play with.

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Coral Marine life for young readers Simple text, suitable for an independent reader, with beautifully presented photographic illustrations, looking at examples of the plant and animal life that inhabit coral. Includes good information, a glossary of terms and an index. Coral sea dreaming Coral Sea Dreaming will take you on a colourful underwater adventure through a magical coral reef. Swim with manta rays, pat a parrotfish, float with the fish and beware of the creatures that lurk beneath - looking for their next meal.

Enjoy the poetic text, learn more about the creatures that live in this underwater environment and discover how you can help preserve this multi-coloured marine environment for future generations to enjoy. Cottonwool Colin Colin is the smallest of ten mice siblings and his mother is so fearful for his safety that she decides to wrap him up in cottonwool to protect him. This isn't as effective as she hoped.

Count on Clifford Activities at a birthday party for Clifford, the big red dog, provide opportunities for counting balloons, presents and other objects from one to ten. Count with Bowerbird Bill Bowerbird Bill loves to build. He also loves to find treasures for his bower.