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I was given Lidocaine for the procedures. I used popsicles and self-hypnotism to control the pain. People stopped their pickups, and they came out with tire irons to help me. My BP goes up just thinking about modern American meds. I was poisoned by statins in , and it took out my Achilles tendons. Thank you for your bravery. I never thought I would see the day that a doctor really cares.

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I thought I was imagining this and that the doctors knew best. My health is deteriorating rapidly because I pretty much gave up on seeking healthcare. Please help me get the help Ineed. I have a lot of problems…so many I could write a book. This one doctor, in Michael Britt told me there was nothing wrong with my knees, that I just needed to exercise more. Now as I sit here with a swollen left knee as big as my hip, Im afraid to seek help for fear of rejection and labeling me. Thank you again. Sometimes I feel that some of these doctors want people to die. I can barely walk up and down the stairs.

Im afraid Im looking at a broken hip very soon. I wish I could help you. I know so many people in similar situations. I was told by a doctor that he only wanted to keep me alive because if I died he would look bad. He told me his first priority was his reputation. While that remark in itself did not cause physical harm, I knew something was drastically wrong to cause a doctor, who is supposed to have good intentions, into a person with such evil intent.

What I did was to get a copy of my records. The hospital saw me as avliability problem due to my past medical whistleblowing. For me, the scare tactics and persecution went on and on. I relocated and solved the problem completely. Is this an option for you? I know bad knees make moving seem nearly impossible, but you would be free of their attitude and seen afresh by an entire community. The only thing I have left to deal with now is post-traumatic stress from what they did. Julie Greeene.

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I wondering about that I got copies of my medicail from my cardiolist 5 years ago. Then it was a bad stress test. The doctor wants to do a angiogram was told by the nurse that called. I not having any heart pains. I exercise 5 to 7 days a week. One very important correction here is that the truth does not depend on how we see it. The truth is the truth. When you have an uneven situation, when an institution has lots of power and money, and you, as patient, have few resources, that institution can lie all they want. Whose side will the law be on? You change doctors if you can. I still think the truth tends to win out in the end, though.

Or I hope so. I have a rare condition called hereditary angioedema. Many physicians may not know about it unless they have had a patient with it, or unless they are in a certain specialty that deals with it. It is swelling not caused by histamine, but bradykinen problems. It is a strange, traveling edema that usually starts on the left side of my face, then goes down slowly through the throat and GI tract. When I worked as an RN in a small hospital in St. Helena, CA, of which that is the hospital name, I was unfairly discriminated against when I went to the ER for throat swelling.

I was hoping one of the good doctors would be on call, but I got Dr.

Mishkin instead. Yes, I will use his name. Because I have had this condition since I was six years old, I was trying to explain the history and the fact that my mother also had it.

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I know as an RN, most doctors want to know the history of a patient. This one, however, said it was exacerbation of asthma, but I was only wheezing when the fluid got to the trachael area of my throat. I was not wheezing when it started, two hours before I came to the ER, or after the fluid passed down past the larygeal area. IV steroids did not work, antihistamines did not work. I really tried to give this doctor a good history when I could talk. When this fluid got down to mid sternal area, it really was painful.

I asked for some pain medication but he deliberately withheld it as he thought I was drug seeking.

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I was assertive because I know he was with-holding pain medication. I know as an RN that is against the Joint Commission standards and policies. No doctors believed my condition during that hospitalization, or consulted with an ENT as they know about it. My problem is, them not even believing anything I said about this. I was so surprised. I felt so bad I cannot explain it in words and was so angry about this documentation from him as he took his anger out in my medical records.

He just thought I would not get them. I wrote the hospital administration about this situation, the medical director as well. I had three medical errors made,one in the ER, and two from the hospitalist who admitted me. A nice lady who went to Johns Hopkins, but was neglectful and used medical records from a year before to write orders, which were all different than now.

She ordered a medication that was also documented in my allergies. These two errors are so basic that no one should ever make them.

Since medical records are electronic, I knew I would not be able to take what the ER doctor said out. Physicians can amend records,if they want to, at least in California. Another ER physician who is a good doctor, also wrote his own value judgements, questioning if I ever took meth.

He questioned this so much and did a drug screen, when I was in the ER for chest pain. I am glad he did because it was all negative. I called the California Medical Board and talked with a lady there. She told me that it is illegal to write lies about a patient in medical records. I knew it was, but what could I do about it? She said just talk with him. I knew I would not do that but reported it in written form to administration. This whole situation hurt me so much for a long time. Most doctors I have had through the years have been pretty good and fairly easy to talk with.

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All you have to do is go to medical records, sign a form, and they will give them to you. It is your right. I want to know what is being put in my files. Any help would be great…Eman from Phoenix Az. I think the hospital knew I could take them to court so they made me look as uncredible as possible. Our son-in-law has head trauma and keeps having seizures.


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He has bleeding on the brain. He was in a car accident last month. He in icu at Pikeville medical center. Harmon is 26 years old a recovering addict. Clean for over 7 months. There treating him like a active addict which he is not.

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They told him he should be dead already. There treating him awlful. Scaring him to dsath. What can we do?