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October 9. In this fantasy romance, a woman studying fairies visits an absinthe bar to research the connection between the two—only to meet a man who makes her realize the supernatural creatures might not be such a myth after all. October After a violent revolution, a pair of orphans—an aristocratic boy and a lowborn girl—become friends, and their relationship transforms as they grow older and become competitive dragonriders.

Hell’s Revenge – New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author – Eve Langlais

When novice sorceress Dru Jasper becomes the guardian of a scroll that could bring about the apocalypse, she must travel to the underworld to prevent a gang of particularly nasty wraiths from using it to end everything. In this fantastical drama, a young man must confront his troubled family legacy, which may or may not involve an actual dragon buried deep beneath their ancestral farmlands.

In a haunted town cloaked in a dangerous mist, residents know not to venture out after dark With only a handful of survivors remaining, one man is determined to be the first to escape. In this futuristic tale inspired by Black Panther , two Nigerian sisters are pulled into a civil war being waged by bionic soldiers and flying mechs as they try to survive on an Earth so ravaged by bombs and climate change that most of humankind has relocated to space colonies.

David Weber Safehold 08 Hell's Foundations Quiver Part 03 Audiobook

The Lightbringer epic fantasy series that began with 's The Black Prism comes to an end as Kip Guile makes one last stand to protect his home and chosen family. The latest from the author of The Three-Body Problem is set in a future where all the adults on Earth have died after a cosmic event.

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Will the children left behind build a better future The Salvation Sequence, set in the 23rd century, continues as Earth faces a new threat from hostile aliens who turn out to be religious extremists. The Maradaine Elite fantasy series digs into more political intrigue, as heroes Dayne and Jerinne are sharply reprimanded behind closed doors for their bold actions. In this novella, space nuns—yep, space nuns! November 5. A Hugo-nominated song by Clipping inspired this novella about an underwater world populated by the water-breathing descendants of pregnant African women who were thrown overboard by slavers.


It falls to their designated historian to preserve their traumatic memories—but what will happen when she strikes out for a new life on the surface? Can he live up the prophecy or will evil have its way after all? A new Western fantasy series begins as unlikely allies—an ex-con biker and an Arizona cowboy—meet and team up to fight against the end of the world. In this dark fantasy, a street thief works her trade with an unusual gang of friends: metal and wooden puppets who have her back when it counts, and vice versa.

The sequel to City of Broken Magic follows a fantasy-world bomb squad tasked with diffusing discarded magic weapons in the wake of an ancient war—but dangerous present-day troubles tend to find them, too.

Bound By Vengeance

Can they break the spell and get a second chance to be together? The Heartstone trilogy—inspired by Pride and Prejudice , but with things like dragons added in—wraps up as a healer and her husband make a final stand against an ancient evil. November But will he be able to stay the course without falling victim to the darkness himself?

The eighth Rivers of London book finds detective-slash-wizard Peter Grant about to take on another tricky new role: fatherhood!

Gritty, Supernatural Noir in Aloha From Hell

The Spin trilogy concludes millenia after book two, Iron Gods , as an insectiod creature who studies time travels to investigate the Spin—only to find that the artificial system is on its last legs, and all who remain exist primarily in virtual reality worlds that are sucking its resources dry. Can your evil characters earn greater infamy and prestige for themselves by issuing the Glorious Reclamation a serious defeat in their greatest territorial gain so far, or will the rebellion continue unchecked across Cheliax?

The Inferno Gate 3 of 6 : The Thrice-Damned House of Thrune wants to seal the Inferno Gate, an uncontrolled portal to Hell, and the nefarious player characters are tapped to accomplish the task. But before they can complete the ritual, the characters face betrayal at the hands of one of their closest allies.

Will the villains defeat this traitor in their midst and close the gate to Hell—or better yet, make a deal with a devil for control of the portal—or will they become sacrifices to the Inferno Gate? David Baldeon: Absolutely. First, because of the playground itself.

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  6. It is true that we have not seen this part of the Marvel Universe for some time. The take that this book has on the Marvel dark, supernatural corner is one I have not seen before. And of course, the chance to stretch my horror-fan legs a bit and get to play with these toys just adds to the fun and the excitement. VG: Ditto what David said. Also, this goes with what I said above about trying to tell a story that fits the characters. We're not telling a Spider-Man story or a Captain America story here. This story goes to that dark corner you mentioned We're going about grander here with the tale we're telling. It's a story worthy of the powers and skills of these characters. Give us a tease of the kinds of menaces they will be dealing with.

    Can you tell us any names? VG: No names The villains are a one-two punch of an old character from deep within the Marvel archives and a brand-new face created just for this book.

    As a writer, this is the best of both worlds for me. The character plucked from the past got a great new creepy makeover from David, and his design for the new villain will knock out your eyeballs. Who is the leader?

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    Because any of them could easily be seen as taking point in their bloody quest. He simply saw what needed to be done and everyone else saw it too and followed along. As you imply, none of these other characters are really "natural followers.