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It gives you access to information you may not have had access to before. It can surface insights that you may not have come up with on your own. By the way, it's completely free and easy-peasy to try out. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. No forms to fill out. No credit card required. I'm not saying it is guaranteed to get you a promotion, but you never know. It may just put that small spring in your step and data in your head. By Dharmesh Shah on March 21, So, equipped with wider range of data to analyse, I set about to answer the question: How do the top trending AngelList SaaS startups compare to the Montclare SaaS ?

In both the Montclare and AngelList Trending data sets, the results are exactly the same: most SaaS companies offer between 3 and 4 packages. Because of this, it makes sense to limit your price points to just 3 or 4 significant choices -- unless the buyer makes a choice right then and there, they could easily forget some key details later on down the line.

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One of the most striking things about looking at pricing pages in a vacuum as in, without sometimes even knowing what the company does , is how disconnected from the rest of the site the page tends to be. Reiterating the benefits or employing any kind of copywriting tactics at all on the pricing page seems like an obvious, often-overlooked choice. What happened? Going back to the previous point about low-high pricing, however, the tactic of offering something first which seems inadequate could be equally as powerful. For the minority of SaaS companies which show their pricing, the complexity of enterprise deals forces more than half of SaaS firms to leave their enterprise package pricing undisclosed.

As discussed in my previous article, there are plenty of good reasons to keep price hidden for enterprise deals, including:.

As you can see, the orange CTA sticks out because it's the top-of-the-funnel package they expect to get leads from. While the Premium package is highlighted, the efforts in the copy above the buttons are focused on getting visitors to test the free package. For comparison, almost 3 times as many AngelList trending startups offer pricing on a sliding scale than the Montclare They even use it in conjunction with a day free trial:.

Later on, however, with a larger customer base, the huge amount of free-only users can put a massive strain on your support staff, and may end up negatively impacting your business overall. The most striking difference is that a SaaS startup is almost twice as likely to show its pricing than an enterprise SaaS company.

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Just like we saw Rainforest's pricing page earlier, it could be that enterprise SaaS's high-ticket products need to be justified to buyers because choosing one provider over another is a huge investment. So, by having both transparent pricing for smaller companies and a 'contact us' package, they appeal to both markets. Well, it's been an eye-splitting three days spent inside spreadsheets and on pricing pages, so I hope you find this data interesting and it gives you an insight into the typical SaaS startup pricing pages.

This was a guest post from Benjamin Brandall.

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Find him on Twitter here. By Dharmesh Shah on February 22, Would love for you to sign-up early, because I'm insecure, egotistical and I want to impress Ryan Hoover. Would love for a decent number of people to sign-up. Or an indecent number would be even better. Here's the link again. How does it feel, personally, to have the HubSpot stock price drop so much in the past several weeks? How much weight have you gained in the past 2 years?

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Does it have anything to do with HubSpot being public? Is there a diabolical, grand master plan behind inbound. Why is HubSpot investing millions of dollars in this? What's the super-secret thing you're working on at HubSpot right now that most people at HubSpot don't even know about? If not, why does it seem that way? I hear you really like the Amazon Echo. What's the strangest thing you use it for on a regular basis? How many domain names do you personally own? What do you do with them? What are your favorites? Is it true that you had lunch with Seth Godin and asked him what he thought about the term "inbound marketing"?

What's he like? By Dharmesh Shah on February 19, HubSpot has had a pretty good run. Went from zero to IPO. The slides and full video from the talk are included below, with some quick notes on a few of the topics covered.

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Here's me presenting what turned out to be the most popular slide more on this idea at the end of the article. By Dharmesh Shah on December 22, Working on a startup? Have a pound gorilla you're trying to disrupt? That's awesome. Why is this so important? Why shouldn't you declare to the world and the tech press that you're going after the big kahuna? Doesn't the media love a great David and Goliath story?

There are my reasons. I'm going to keep this simple:. This allows you to quietly build the thing you need to build without too much intervention. We're not worth your time. You're much better off focusing on your best customers and driving your profit margins up.

You want the incumbent to act "rationally", because an emotionally fired-up incumbent will come try to crush you simply out of spite and ego. And, responding to their actions will distract you from that whole disrupting thing you're trying to do. The fact that what you have doesn't meet the needs of the existing customer-base is what makes it easier for the incumbent to ignore you.

That sounds like a good thing -- but it's not, because you shouldn't, in the beginning, be trying to create something that's "better" than what exists. Chances are, if you do that, you'll do something incremental and you take the incumbent on, on their home turf. You should be working on something dramatically simpler, cheaper or lighter.

Don't start out trying to build something better for the entrenched company's existing customers. That's not your goal -- your goal is to create something "good enough" for customers the incumbent doesn't care that much about. If their best customers wouldn't laugh at the ludicrous lack of capability in what you're building -- you're probably doing disruption wrong. Next best choice? When the path is clear and the outcome is more or less inevitable. By Dharmesh Shah on November 24, I'm going to tell you a secret. I have a very simple, 4-word strategic plan devised it a few years ago.

Of course, that's easier to say than do. I fail at it all the time -- but I'm getting better. Here are some tips learned from years of practice:. When making your list, s tart with a low-level of abstraction. Resist the temptation to make your list really "high-level". As an extreme example, one of the things on your priority list shouldn't be "Be successful".