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I think they do have seprarate consciousnesses. They may all be the same spirit, but that spirit is living as a new person every time. Each one has different thoughts, personalities, ideals, and experiences. Since the Avatar spirit is trying to understand humans to protevt them, it makes sense to keep a record of all the lives it's lived. That's where I think the reicarnations having their own minds comes in. What would be the point of doing this over and over if you were just going to do it the exact same way? They need to be different or at least perceive that they're different to teach each other really the spirit to trach itself how to balance out the world.

Appearing as a past life is, in my opinion, a way to communicate to the current Avatar that their human mind can comprehend. Even though they are all one being, that idea is too complex to wrap ine's mind around. It's easier to treat them as individuals because they lived individual lives. That was really a lot longer than I planned. I hope I wasn't rambling, but when I try to think about this stuff it blows my mind.

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Hopefully, there's a drop of sense to be squeezed from this lemon of a post. So when you think about it, can the Avatar ever truly be evil? If they are their own person, doesn't that mean they form their own opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc.? I think it's possible for the Avatar to become corrupt. It hasn't been shown so far, but it could hapen.

Imagine the world if Roku said yes to Sozin during Roku's wedding. He would've helped start the year war. The FN would've completely taken over the world.

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The only upside would be the AN being left alive. The Avatar spirit is the spirit of the Earth, but as a human can make mistakes. That Avatar would have to go totally against what they're supposed to maintain: balance and peace. The reincarnations can do whatever they want, so I could see one baing corrupted esoecially if they were born into a family that raised them to believe negative things. Take zuko.

He was never "evil. That's how he became "the angry jerk. I don't know why I do it, even though they are essentially the same person! I meant by the fact that each reincarnation is distinct and seperate. Avatar Yangchen is ready to kill her enemies but Avatar Aang, who are both Air Nomads, chooses not to. Avatar Kuruk was always relaxed but Avatar Kyoshi was ready to take action when the situation demanded it. I have a question for you: How do you think the Avatar is chosen?

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For example, does the Avatar spirit choose who it wants to be? Does it see something special inside a child before its born? Avatar Aang severed his connection with Avatar Roku. Maybe I'm siding with the theory that there are two souls inside the Avatar, the Avatar Spirit and the identity.

I've never really put much thought about it, but the Avatar is very perplexing! What do you think about an Avatar who never had their identity revealed? Do you think one of their past lives would tell them at some point? I'm asking because Aang wasn't able to talk to Roku until he was in the FN on the winter solstice.

If Aang hadn't known he was the Avatar, he would've never gone there and wouldn't have been able to contact Roku. He also would've never run away and would've died during the AN genocide, but the question goes for any of his past or future lives if they weren't told they ere the Avatar or if the next Avatar wasn't discovered for some reason.

Korra, so far, is the only one who started bending other elements as a toddler, so I don't expect any random kid to try bending outside of what they're "supposed" to bend.

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  • Hiw do you think they'd find out or would they ever find out? That would suck. That life wouldn't have any experiences to pass on. Plus, the world would have to go without an Avatar. Imagine all the chaos that could come from that for however long they live. I hope they get into that in Book 2 LOK.

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    The only Avatars we've seen contacting other Avatars knew they were Avatars. I know you believe they're singular, I'm just saying "Avatars" to say they're appearing to another and not that they aren't the same person. Isn't that how beaches were made? I believe anyone of the avatar spirits can see wat the current see's and if they see someone connected to there lifetime endangering the current avatar they can simpily conjour them selfs throught the currents body protecting them from that imidiant danger.

    AGT, thanks for actually reading the whole OP. However, I still think that an avatar and a bender should have a child that can bend 2. The physical aspects, I believe, should be passed down. Because each avatar is still a separate person haha. And an avatar an a nonbender? That's four and zero, whose average is two But if the avatar is the spirit in human form, then I don't think that the avatar should be reproducing with humans, either way. No, it's not.

    The avatar state is also the perfect state of bending for each avatar. How else do you think that energy bending works? Energybending has nothing to do with the avatar state. It's the original form of bending used before the bending of the four elements and the avatar's existence. Earth Kingdom Then why can the avatar only use it? Hold on, let me look at the page for avatar state on here haha. Well so far only Aang has had it taught to him.

    He just happened to be the avatar and was able to teach Korra because his past is her past, but it seemed that no one in Aang's time had even heard of energybending. Also, I don't think it stops with taking and restoring bending. I think there must be uses for it that just haven't been explored yet. It was originally used by everyone, but I think it'd be close to impossible for a normal bender to learn since they can only learn one form of bending.

    It's the same reason that a waterbender can't firebend. When the original benders learned from their sources, they were locked in a particular style. The avatar is unique because he or she can bend all the elements so learning to energybend shouldn't be too extreme. I was almost sure that avatar state was the perfect bending state of ALL avatars to have ever lived combined.

    Oh, well, why haven't there been any benders of energy and their own nation lol? Yoooooo omg what if Amon had turned out to be a single bender of energy, instead of Noatak haha? The avatar state is a defense mechanism, designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all your past lives.

    The glow is the combination of all your past lives, focusing their power through your body. Or something.

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    But if that's true, then how did wan use the avatar state? People were saying that he did in the trailer Also, every time energybending is used, the avatar doesn't ne essarily use the state. It's just the regular energybending glow like aang vs ozai, not necessarily the avatar state. I really want to learn about Wan But, yeah, the wiki does say that the avatar state allows the avatar to channel all cosmic energies And that goes for all the avatars ever to exist haha. The nations are named after their elements, but energybending goes back to before the elements were used so their were no nations of water, earth, fire, or air.

    When people started bending the elements, they gave up just bending their own energy. After that, it became a lost and unnecessary art. The only people who could potentially become energybenders now would have to be people who can bend an element since every in the past, energybenders became elemental benders by studying an animal or the moon in water's case. Btw, I understand that the moon has a strong pull on the tides of the ocean, but I thought that that whole moon thing was kind of stupid Full moon makes sense, though.

    That still pisses me off because if the firebenders have suns, then why do they get an animal and waterbenders don't? Uh the Waterbenders "do" have animals. Tui and La.

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    Aang's the only one to realize they were spirits the others thought they were just fish. I mean actual animals who can teach them the element AND who each waterbender can keep as pets Lmfaooooooooooooooo let's just stick with mermaids that swim and talk XD But then I'd want, like, the actual waterbenders to be mermaids lol Like, all four elements are perfectly mastered in this state, by ALL avatars born so far? Yes that's the entire point of the avatar state. Your other lives are working through you at capacity.