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It can be done once a day for a couple of days, then a few days break, or it can be done two every second day, etc. The micro-dosing packages supplied through this website are 1 every day for thirty days, but it will generally last longer than a month. Click here to find out the reasons why you should be taking Iboga.

Click here to find out when you should be doing Iboga. I feel that these initiations have shown me the truth of who I am, the ultimate thing each of us is here to discover. Life is a big mystery and all we can do is explore life to discover what this mystery is about and how it operates.

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In the wake of Ebola, SIM offers physical and spiritual healing

Click here to Book Now. Join our Iboga community and be kept in touch with all the updates, exciting developments and success stories. Welcome to Eternal Life Iboga is a healing plant intelligence from West Africa that can help you heal your life on the physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. Iboga is the Holy Grail of natural medicine. I'm looking forward to sharing Iboga with you! So how can Iboga benefit you? This will include: Helping you to process very deep fears that you have inside of you - These fears hold you back and limit you in life from living your life to the fullest potential.

The only thing limiting you from the infinite possibilities that life has to offer is the fear created as a result of some past negative unresolved experience. Iboga is ancestral medicine and a lot of the fears that you carry have actually been passed down to you through your DNA from your ancestors. Helping you to detox yourself on mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels - All disease and suffering is merely some form of toxicity that your body carries on one or all of the different levels that you operate on.

Iboga is the best tool I know to help clear you out on all the different levels.

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Helping you to achieve much greater clarity of thinking - Do you feel confused in life? The confusion comes from a lack of clarity. If you resolve the unresolved issues inside of you and detox your system on every level then life feels crystal clear. Iboga can help you do that. Helping you to increase your confidence to a whole new level - If you have confidence issues this is because of past unresolved experiences and negative energy that you are carrying.

The negative energy stops you from shining as bright as you should be shining. Iboga can help you with this too. Helping you to evolve much faster - Life is an evolutionary journey and the species that survive are those that evolve the fastest. The way we evolve is through resolving negative experiences that we have in life and through that, we grow into a bigger better version of ourselves. Helping you to remove negative energy from your life — Life is energy. Positive energy is life-affirming, negative energy is life-negating.

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Iboga can help clear out all the negative energy that you carry inside of yourself so that you can have a positive life experience. Helping you to get a new level of self-understanding — All true knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom comes through understanding the motives behind the actions that created certain experiences in your life. Wisdom comes as a result of resolving and accepting past negative experiences that you have had and understanding why they happened, this brings more maturity and allows you to feel more grounded in life.

Iboga can help you achieve that new level of self-understanding. This limitation comes from carrying false belief systems and fears which get you to operate out of tune with life. The more in tune you feel with life the more connected you will feel to life. Iboga can help clear out these false programs so that you feel much more connected to life.

You are a part of life and you can only achieve your purpose when you feel fully connected to life. We must be careful not to blame every sickness on sin, but we must also realize it is one possible reason. Thus, a good place to begin if you've come to the Lord for healing is to search your heart and confess your sins. When Jesus healed the sick, on many occasions he made this statement: "Your faith has made you well. In Matthew , Jesus healed the woman who had suffered for many years with constant bleeding:.

Find Eternal Life through Spiritual Mindedness

Here are a few more biblical examples of healing in response to faith :. Matthew —29 ; Mark , Luke ; Acts ; James — Apparently, there is an important link between faith and healing. Given the multitude of Scriptures connecting faith to healing, we must conclude that sometimes healing does not occur because of a lack of faith, or better, the pleasing kind of faith that God honors.

Again, we must be careful not to assume every time someone isn't healed the reason is a lack of faith. If we don't ask and earnestly desire to be healed, God won't answer. When Jesus saw a lame man who had been sick for 38 years he asked, "Would you like to get well?

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Someone else always gets there ahead of me. Maybe you know someone who is addicted to stress or crisis. They don't know how to behave without turmoil in their life, and so they begin to orchestrate their own atmosphere of chaos. Similarly, some people may not want to be healed because they've linked their personal identity so closely with their illness. These individuals may fear the unknown aspects of life beyond their sickness, or crave the attention that the affliction provides.

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James plainly states, "You do not have, because you do not ask. Scripture also indicates that some illnesses are caused by spiritual or demonic influences. So, there are times when a demonic or spiritual cause must be addressed before healing can occur. Lewis wrote in his book, The Problem of Pain : "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain, it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.

We may not understand it at the time, but sometimes God desires to do more than simply heal our physical bodies. Often, in his infinite wisdom , God will use physical suffering to develop our character and produce spiritual growth in us. I've discovered, but only through looking back on my life, that God had a higher purpose for letting me struggle for years with a painful disability. Rather than healing me, God used the trial to redirect me, first, toward a desperate dependence on him, and second, to the path of purpose and destiny he had planned for my life.

He knew where I would be most productive and fulfilled serving him, and he knew the path it would take to get me there. I'm not suggesting that you ever stop praying for healing , but also ask God to show you the higher plan or better purpose he may be accomplishing through your pain.

Sometimes when we pray for healing, our situation goes from bad to worse. When this happens, it's possible that God is planning to do something powerful and wonderful, something that will bring even greater glory to his name. When Lazarus died, Jesus waited to travel to Bethany because he knew he would perform an amazing miracle there, for the glory of God.

Many people who witnessed the raising of Lazarus put their faith in Jesus Christ. Over and over, I've seen believers suffer terribly and even die from an illness, yet through it they pointed countless lives toward God's salvation plan. Pardon me if this seems blunt, but we all must die Hebrews And, as part of our fallen state, death is often accompanied by sickness and suffering as we leave behind our body of flesh and step into the afterlife.

The Healing of the Cross

So, one reason healing may not occur is that it's simply God's time to take a believer home. As I was returning to the chapel, I stopped at the home of a nonmember woman who is divorced and lives within our ward boundaries. I knocked on the door and explained what we were doing, and she invited me in. She began to look for something to give me.

She opened the refrigerator, and I could see there was hardly anything in it. The cupboards were bare. Finally, she found a small can of peaches. There were all these little kids running around that needed to be fed, and she handed me this can of peaches.

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  • I took it and put it in my cart and went on up the street. I got about halfway up the block when I just felt warm all over and knew I needed to go back to that house. I gave her all the food. They come from helping people become spiritually awake so that they can accept the gospel. Over a century ago when Elder J. Golden Kimball presided over the Southern States Mission, he called for a meeting of the elders. They were to meet in a secluded spot in the woods so they would have privacy.

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    One of the elders had a problem with one of his legs. It was raw and swollen to at least twice the size of his other leg. But the elder insisted on attending this special priesthood meeting in the woods. So two of the elders carried him to this meeting place.