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Add to Wishlist. Ship This Item — This item is available online through Marketplace sellers. Overview A man from the future fights to survive in a society thrown back to the dark ages in this sci-fi adventure set in Robbins Ray Liotta is a military man who, after he's convicted of the murder of his superior officer, is sentenced to a high-tech prison ruled by the Warden Michael Lerner , a cruel taskmaster who enjoys torturing his inmates.

After a scuffle with the Warden, Robbins is transferred to a primitive island penal colony known as Absalom, where the civilization is dominated by two groups, the Insiders, a peaceful tribe led by the Father Lance Henriksen , and the Outsiders, a pack of violent misfits led by Marek Stuart Wilson. Robbins runs afoul of the Outsiders and is injured in a skirmish; he escapes to the Insiders' camp, where he plots his revenge. Show More.

Average Review. Write a Review. Ray Liotta. Lance Henriksen.

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Stuart Wilson. Kevin Dillon. Ian McNeice. Jack Shepherd. Michael Lerner. Ernie Hudson. A family saga set against the backdrop of revolu-tion and counterrevolution in an unnamed Latin country. A study of illiteracy in the United States. The heroine of this novel is a Kentucky teen-ager whose father was killed and her uncle damaged physically and emotionally in Vietnam. A young philosophy instructor shares his view of life and love. This Holocaust novel focuses on the politics of survival of a Judenrat, or Jewish town council, in a fictional Polish ghetto.

A comic memoir of the fictional hamlet of Lake Wobegon, Minn.

This novel moves back and forth in time, from a dismal, futuristic city called Unthank to postwar Glasgow and back. The author shares the ordeal she faced when her terminally ill mother asked that she help her commit suicide. A collection of stories that our reviewer called ''fiction of consequence.

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An adaptation of Dante's ''Inferno'' set in an affluent, thriving community of black professionals. Social programs do too much for the poor, the author argues, and have served only to reduce their incentives to work, to learn, to obey the law and to get along on their own.

This life of the lyric poet was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for biography. Fourteen-year-old Nicole Nelson, a soap opera star, comes to Vermont to spend the summer with her aunt. Seven characters tell their stories in this novel set on and around a North Dakota Indian reservation. Translated by Barbara Bray.

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An old woman looks back on her adolescence in Indochina and her passionate affair with a rich Chinese man. A collection of 19 essays on a broad range of legal and philosophical issues. A novel about a young art historian and her fanatically religious mother's helper. A collection of essays about science as well as verbal puns and their equivalents in mathematics and computer science.

This study, our reviewer said, should be read ''as much for its brilliant insights into the nature of our mental functioning as for its discussion of migraine. The hero-narrator of this novel, a loutish advertising executive named John Self, turns movie maker.

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Joseph Lelyveld's account of the evolution of apartheid won a Pulitzer Prize. Translated by William Weaver. The hero of this slim but dense book, our reviewer said, ''confronts the problem of discovering his place in the world and of watching those discoveries dissolve under his habitual intellectual scrutiny.

A young journalist runs away with a traveling circus to follow his lady love - an aerialist.

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Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden and the author. A novel providing an imaginative conclusion to the life of Ambrose Bierce, the American writer who vanished in Mexico in This autobiography takes the heiress through adolescence. An account, written in novelistic form, of the author's flight from the Nazis as a child. These reflections - each piece named after an element in the periodic table - draw analogies between the elements and various human types. A travel book that, though nonfiction, is written in the third person about an English traveler exploring Tokyo.

A look at the world's response to the catastrophic hunger and disease that engulfed Cambodia's people in A collection of stories with the flavor of contemporary Southern California. The protagonists in these stories are mostly professional women, and love and loss, travel and return, death and survival figure in many of the tales.

At the end of the block was a playground with a basketball court and six goals and, beyond the court, a softball field with a shallow outfield. A few teenaged guys were on the court and a guy in his early thirties was running wind sprints in the outfield. I watched him race from second base to the far edge of the outfield, then walk back, then doing it all again. A row of tall elms stood sentry along the far perimeter of the outfield, then there was another street and more houses.

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There were kids playing on the playground. This is a family park. Not a drug dealer park.

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  6. A white Good Humor ice cream truck was parked at the curb in the shade of one of the elms and a tall guy in a Malcolm X hat was leaning against it with his arms crossed, watching the sprinter. He didn't look interested in selling ice cream. We turned away from the park, made the block and came back to a side street that gave an unobstructed view of the basketball players, the outfield and the ice cream truck on the far street. I parked on the side street so we'd have an easy, eyes-forward view and then I shut the engine.

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    • 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Tells Cops His Attackers Touted MAGA.
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    If the neighbors saw us sitting there, maybe they'd think we were scouting for the NBA. The History Channel? James Edward Stone looked me in the eye and shook his head without saying a word.