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The End of Time

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Reviews Live. March 3, Andrew Massie. This process of particles pairing up is called "Recombination" and it occurred approximately , to , years after the Big Bang.

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The Universe went from being opaque to transparent at this point. Light had formerly been stopped from traveling freely because it would frequently scatter off the free electrons. Now that the free electrons were bound to protons, light was no longer being impeded. Following this are the cosmic dark ages - a period of time after the Universe became transparent but before the first stars formed.

When the first stars formed, it ended the dark ages, and started the next epoch in our universe. Another change occurred after the first stars started to form. Theory predicts that the first stars were 30 to times as massive as our Sun and millions of times as bright, burning for only a few million years before exploding as supernovae.

Universe: Journey from Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos

The energetic ultraviolet light from these first stars was capable of splitting hydrogen atoms back into electrons and protons or ionizing them. This era, from the end of the dark ages to when the universe was around a billion years old, is known as "the epoch of reionization.

Reionization is an important phenomenon in our universe's history as it presents one of the few means by which we can indirectly study these earliest stars. But scientists do not know exactly when the first stars formed and when this reionization process started to occur.

Hubble Deep Field - The first significant look back to the era of the universe when early galaxies were forming. The image is a long exposure of a very small area of the sky, which revealed a large number of very faint, and previously unseen, objects. These objects are some of the oldest and most distant galaxies and allowed us to, as Stefano Cristiani said, "glimpse the first steps of galaxy formation more than 10 billion years ago.

Webb's imaging capabilties and infrared vision will show us the early universe with unprecedented clarity. The emergence of these first stars marks the end of the "Dark Ages" in cosmic history, a period characterized by the absence of discrete sources of light.

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Understanding these first sources is critical, since they greatly influenced the formation of later objects such as galaxies. The first sources of light act as seeds for the later formation of larger objects. Additionally, the first stars that exploded as supernovae might have collapsed further to form black holes.

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The New Universe discusses the changes we are all experiencing at this time. When we truly know who we are, we are set FREE. We then move ourselves into a different time and space. Specifications Publisher Authorhouse. Customer Reviews.