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First Broadcast: 08 Dec.


In this series, Neil Oliver follows in the footsteps of four Scottish explorers who planted ideas rather than flags - ideas that shaped the modern world we know today. This episode, set in the spectacular Yosemite Valley in California, is the story of the father of the modern conservation movement and one of the founders of America's National Park movement. John Muir was a 19th-century adventurer who explored the natural world and devoted his life and work to persuade others to see the sacred beauty of his discoveries. Production in Association with Chronicle Productions, Produced by Ziggy Stone.

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An enthusiastic and comprehensive historical recounting of Muir's entire life by Thayer Walker which traces the events of Muir's life from his boyhood in Scotland and youth in Wisconsin, to his years of exploration and his career as a conservation crusader. Visits many of the places Muir lived and explored, with visual re-enactments, performed with heart-felt appreciation and respect for John Muir. For general audiences, excellent for classroom use.

A two-minute synopsis of John Muir's life from a Scottish perspective. Same as above in 16 mm film format. One 16 mm. Said to be no longer available for purchase, but it may be available for rental from Indiana University, Audio-Visual Center, Bloomington, Indiana ; Toll Free Telephone ordering: outside Indiana.

Order catalog No. Great American Film Factory, Depicts the life of conservationist John Muir, emphasizing his campaign for the preservation of Yosemite National Park and wilderness areas. This program tells us the story of his life in his own words and those of others. For grade levels 5 - 7. Available for purchase from Educational Images, Ltd.

Film-maker Dewitt Jones worked in Yosemite National Park for 18 months to gather footage for this film. Jones retraced some of the hikes of naturalist-conservationist John Muir in the 'temples of nature' during the late 19th century. Excerpts from Muir's diary are read over these majestic images. The video presents the land Muir cherished and wanted to share, and the role he played in conserving the National Parks, founding the Sierra Club, and more.

For ordering, see next listing. Same as above, in 16 mm.

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Toll Free: ; in California See John Muir Newsletter v. With teacher's guide. Traces the events in John Muir's life which led to his successful efforts to secure environmental protection legislation. Call No. Narrator: Carol McVeigh.

Not a slick commercial film, the video gives one the experience of hikers who really know and love the Trail, sharing their intimate experiences and the beautiful scenery. Part Two traces the length of the trail on topographic maps; a bit hard to read in a video format even on a fairly large screen. The video concludes with information on trail heads, permits, re-supply points, guidebooks, side-trips, and addresses. John Muir quotations spoken by Mike Wilson. John Muir portrayed by Al King. Narrator: Joe David. Available from: Earth Images, S.

Pinkham, Visalia, CA This video presents a magnificent journey along "America's most majestic mountain path," from Mt. Whitney to the Valley of Yosemite. Includes grandly scenic footage, and spontaneous interviews with hikers along the trail. An useful and interesting feature of the film is to show several places in both early and late summer, with major snow contrasts.

John Muir, portrayed by Al King, is featured at the beginning and the end of this travelog, while Muir quotations are interspersed throughout the video. Richard E.

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This short video gives excerpts of Dr. Shore's entertaining and informative presentations as John Muir.

Travelogue From an Unruly Youth

Available from Sequoia Natural History Association. In addition to capturing the incredible range of flora, fauna and terrain in Kings Canyon, there is a brief appearance of John Muir, portrayed by Frank Helling. This documentary not only covers Stetson's remarkable career, but shows how Muir's eloquent words, written a century ago, continue to inspire and influence our attitudes to nature today. In this film, you will be inspired by excerpts from Stetson's five stage plays, journey with Stetson as he traces Muir's roots in Scotland and Wisconsin farm fields, and be captivated by the majesty of Yosemite, seen through the spirit of John Muir.

Join Stetson as he performs stage plays based on Muir each spring and summer season in the Yosemite Theater and frequently guides visitors on saunters throughout the Yosemite Valley. Stetson has also performed as Muir in countless other venues around the world. Hal Holbrook has been able to bring Mark Twain alive for us and does so magnificently.

Lee Stetson does the same thing for John Muir. Join Stetson portraying John Muir in the Yosemite Theater as he recounts the famous adventure Muir had with a tiny toy dog in a fierce storm on an Alaskan glacier. A film by Robert Perkins - writer, narrator, and star. Cameraman, Graham Johnston. Presented by England's Channel Four.

Shown on PBS, June, The film maker here passed up an excellent opportunity to explore what Muir's 1, Mile Walk to the Gulf may look like today, but instead provides little more than scenes of driving a sidecar motorcycle down truck-infested highways; visiting motels and hotels; and finding almost nothing of Muir left in the South. The only bright spot in this dismal documentary is the visit to Bonaventure Cemetery, which appears to be as beautiful today as when Muir slept there in October of This film is not usable for educational purposes due to its mostly irrelevant focus.

For ordering information, see Robert Perkins website , with free downloadable Quicktime preview. American Folklore Theatre, October 2, Written by Frederic "Doc" Heide, Ph. First performed in and later in , , and , this is a musical theater presentation depicting Muir's troubled youth and nature-inspired adulthood. This version describes the show as follows: "Join the Blue Canvas Orchestra for their musical portrayal of John Muir, founder of the national park system and the Sierra Club.

Mount Ashwabay and the towering pines around the tent prove an ideal setting for the stories of Muir, a Scottish-born Wisconsin resident for much of his early life. Written by American Folklore Theatre co-founder Frederick "Doc" Heide, the show has been adapted by our own Tom Mitchell who plays Muir, and our Musical Director Ed Willett who leads the BCO in a moving selection of songs that celebrate the glorious natural wonders Muir encountered and wrote about in his travels. That glory is illuminated on the big screen with photography and film curated by our Visuals Director Betty Ferris. This show will be a feast for all of your senses and promises to become a new favorite Big Top Chautauqua show.

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History" - movie trailer. Watch trailer on YouTube. National Parks. Described by the producers as a " a low budget independent feature film" that will tell the story of Muir's life. Scenes will be filmed in Yosemite, San Francisco and Mt. Shasta areas of California as well as historical scenes in various locations in Oregon. Later in the spring and early summer they will be filming in Wisconsin, Indiana and Florida as well as several other states and possibly Scotland, Canada and Alaska if funds permit.

Copyright by Chandler Ellision. This beautiful animated short film begins with Muir writing in his "scribble den" about the wilderness and our national parks; soon the view bores into his words, then burns through the parchment, to brighten into a variety of natural landscapes from various wilderness areas and many recognizable scenes in national parks, as the narrator reads excerpts from Muir's book "Our National Parks.

Ellison not only directed and produced but was also responsible for all the design work, layout painting and compositing. It has been featured in many film festivals over the last year. More information about this production of Muir, including snapshot images from the film's storyboard, is available on Ellison's website.

The animated film "Muir" directed by Chandler Ellison is available on Vimeo. An excellent selection of Muir quotations, voiced with an expressive Scottish accent, in less than three minutes sums up Muir's life. The film "Muir" by Ian Timothy is available on Vimeo. Muir from Ian Timothy on Vimeo. This video - a 3-minute "video trailer" for the forthcoming book - was prepared by the book's photographer, and interweaves splendid video with samples of the final photographs used in the book. Timed to coincide with the th anniversary of the book's original publication, "My First Summer in the Sierra" - to be published March -- is illustrated with Scot Miller's stunning photographs, showcasing the dramatic landscape of the High Sierra plus John Muir's illustrations from the original edition and several previously unpublished illustrations from his manuscript.

This newly illustrated anniversary edition will be a major landmark in John Muir's continuing inspiration to our modern world. The book details Muir's first extended trip to the Sierra Nevada in what is now Yosemite National Park, a landscape that entranced him immediately and had a profound effect on his life. The towering waterfalls, natural rock formations, and abundant plant and animal life helped Muir develop his views of the natural world, views that would eventually lead him to push for the creation of the national parks.

The brand-new photographs from Scot Miller are a fitting contribution from the photographer who previously brought Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" and "Cape Cod" to life.